Jon Senger

A Tale of Two Foundations

Snip20140416_2Written by Jon Senger, Chief Strategy Officer, Virtual Bridges

I attended the CloudStack conference in Denver last week.  Having grown up there, I’m always game for flying in for business and getting to see the family, but I was looking forward to the trip for completely different reasons this time.  I wanted to check out CloudStack in a way that I …Continue Reading…


Why I’m Legitimately Excited About Virtual Bridges, VDI and 2014

Near the end of 2013, the team and I had a chance to brief Gabe Knuth from about the latest release of Virtual Bridges VERDE, version 7.0. And part of what came out of that meeting was an article written by Gabe titled, “For the first time in years, I’m legitimately excited about Virtual Bridges.”

Gabe started the article off with: “Yesterday I had a call with the new management team at Virtual …Continue Reading…

Jon Senger

MMOCS are not as fun as MMORPGs

Written by Jon Senger, Chief Strategy Officer, Virtual Bridges

MMORPGMMOCS stands for “Massive Multi-tenant Online Cloud Systems.”  If you know what an MMORPG is, then you are snorting a bit of milk through your nose like I am.  I’m not advocating the acronym, but there are some similarities here that I …Continue Reading…