We’re Virtual Bridges

Virtual Bridges (VB)  develops  software  that  offers users of open source platforms the ability to run Microsoft Windows applications in addition to the wealth of Open Source applications available to them.

 Virtual Bridges’ Win4 brand professional-grade virtualization products help businesses extend their Open Source desktops without additional hardware costs.

Virtual Bridges’ desktop products include Win4Lin for running Windows on various Linux desktops, Win4BSD for running Windows applications on FreeBSD and PC-BSD and Win4Solaris for running Windows applications on Sun Solaris.

Virtual Bridges’ SMB and enterprise product, Virtual Desktop Server, allows an organization to deploy multiple Windows desktops to lightweight PCs and Thin-clients from a single Open Source-based server.

At Virtual Bridges we believe that virtualization means more than just server consolidation in the data center.  Virtualization is a technology that can be used by all businesses to solve real business problems.

Virtual Bridges:  Virtualization that means Business.