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VERDE from Virtual Bridges

What is Virtual Bridges? Virtual Bridges is the company that invented VDI, although it wasn’t called VDI at that time. Virtual Bridges pioneered the notion of gold-master provisioning years before others started adopting it, and the Virtual Bridges approach remains the most functional, elegant and efficient approach available. Virtual Bridges is  the first vendor to introduce VDI combined with disconnected use, or Client-Side Hypervisor, managed from a common management infrastructure.

Introducing VERDE R

In partnership with IBM and leading Linux vendors such as Canonical, Novell and Red Hat, Virtual Bridges has the answer with its pace-setting VERDE Desktop-as-a-Managed-Service Suite. VERDE offers the most feature-rich, cost-effective solution for addressing the needs of companies of all sizes.

Virtual Bridges is also the first VDI vendor to introduce replicated branch infrastructure, known as Cloud Branch, which brings the power of VDI down to the branch and SMB level while retaining the power of centralized management. Virtual Bridges is also the first, and is still the only, vendor to support both Windows and Linux guests in an integrated common management model giving users the flexibility to deploy more cost-effective alternative “cloud” desktops that are unencumbered by the Microsoft VECD tax.

Find out more about how Virtual Bridges can help your organization use desktop virtualization to drive positive change in desktop management and provisioning. Whether your business is an enterprise, a small and medium business (SMB), a managed service provider (MSP), a desktop outsourcer or you wish to become a partner, contact us today at